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So uh, yeah


What are you all up to?

This place is deader than JFKs corpse.

But you know, it's kinda always been that way, and, you know, I kinda like it. I really cant imagine this place being super crowded. Reading back to the post of mine that got resurected, twice appearently, I thought, damn, that was 4 years ago, a fairly long time for me to keep posting in one place. I might have been gone for close to a year at a time, but I was busy. Since January '02, I've:

Moved 2000 miles away from my family.

Didnt have internet any more.

Moved 3 more times since then.

Got internet again.

Turned 21 and spent time in bars.

Got a new dog.

Quit smoking pot.

Started smoking pot again.

Quit smoking pot again.

Met a girl.

Got married.

Bought a new car.

Had a kid.

Moved again. ( with the above 2 people )

I dunno. probably alot more other random junk too. Point is, I've been f*&%in busy, yet I keep comin back here.

Hopefully this place wont get too overrun with noobs when the episodes come out (in October, no?), and they fly to the top of the charts, and we'll all have to install chinese character sets due to the Global appeal of Sam & Max.
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