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(For some reason I cannot view the second page of this thread until I click Reply.)

Both of those are incorrect, Scar.

1. Kioet does indeed have a presence in the Force, as does every single living thing in the universe that is connected to the Force. However he is not Force-sensitive.

2. Kioet can sense Irvine's presence because of the Sleeper powers both have. Kioet may or may not understand this as he's never had the power to 'sense' anything before. He's not so much using his Sleeper powers to do it as his Sleeper powers should be doing it without him knowing what they're doing. Just like you see things across a room with your eyes without having to activate some special power. At least, that's my theory.

Also, duly noted

ADDENDUM: I do not think Irvine knows what a "Sleeper" is or that he is one. Neither does Kioet for that matter. Although I COULD be wrong about Irvine, don't have time to check on that now. (Cracken may have told him, but I don't think anyone told Cracken what F. Irvine was, and F. Irvine certainly didn't know.)

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