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Ok,meat circus walkthourough.(Im giving the whole thing because the rest it harder!)

Part 1:Little Oly Wants His Bunny!
Ok,first off is really easy.kill the hellish bunnies.Then equip TK and hold the bunny.Next its kind of hard.Go up the ladder and walk the rope to the middle.then jump to the platform.Jump again.Jump on the fat lady ("That lady has a HUGE ass!")Fight More bunnys.The rest is pretty straight forward.Keep doing the same thing.But when you come across the knive throwers,and there is a wheel behind you,jump when hes aming.Then use the knive as a poll.Dor the second one use float to get down.

Part 2:The Tunnel Of HATE!
All I can say is,when you come to the end when there are tons of planks out,just keep jumping.the rest is easy.

Part 3addys Gonna Kill Ya!
Very Easy.Block his attacks with sheild.When he slams his cleaver in the ground,jump up to his head.Hit it 3 times and you win.

Opstacle course.EASY!Just when you get to the nets,avoid fire and get to the top.Wait,you read how to win!YOU CHEATED!

Part 5:He Did What?
Medium.Same attacts,but they do more damage cause they on fire!When you can,slam those spikes in his knees and give him a love tap,will ya?

Part 6:Everything Ive Got,Son.
EASY.Whack him at full strenth,but run when you are out.

I have to copywright this.Its the law.

Meat Circus Walkthrough copyright 2006 Dillon Hogan.You may use this without my permission.

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