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having heard the commotion, a frantic Milla came rushing to the scene, "You kids better not be trying to sneak outta camp over the parking lot gates ag--ah!". The gang looked at her in disbeleif, Milla staring back

"Who are you people and what are you doing in this top secret fecility! You better give me a good answer!" Milla said at last, unable to look away from the choking Sasha and elfgirl patting his head and not sure what to think of.

Mayhem raised a hand, "Actually, we are touring the campgrounds, some of us are interested in joining and the rest have relatives who could benefit from the uh, training. yeah, thats right."

Milla calmed down and a smile graced her lips, "Oh? I didn't know that you were supposed to be here, not aware of your appointment. Sorry for the misconveniance. But unfortunately, we are not taking any more pupils from this day, seeing as Whispering Rock may not be in use as soon as the program ends this week." She said the last bit with a sad tone and a crestfallen expression.

"What do you mean?" someone within the group asked.

Milla sighed, "A woman came by earlier today in regards to the deed of the camp. You see, the camp is owned and founded by Ford Cruller, operated my Morcuea oleander, thus it is titled a government facility as I stated earlier, though it is privately owned. But this woman...Tammy Shafer says that the camp will be closed down, since Ford Cruller is not in the best state of mind and probably wasn't when he bought the land. She says that this means that the deed to the camp is up for grabs, and that she would like to buy it herself."

"How evil!" Pyro growled, finally releasing Sasha who was now sputtering for air as he inched his way to Milla.

He breathed heavily, "Evil? I haven't even seen the woman nor met her, and her argument seems awfully valid."

Milla continued, "This is especially distressing since some of the children have gone missin. As much as I want them back since I simply love those kids, missing children doesn't help our case much."

Mayhem pondered for a moment, "How 'bout we help you find them? My, uh relative...yeah, thats right...deserves to come to a place such as this!"

Sasha and Milla raised their eyebrows, huddling together to discuss the proposition.

"They certaintly are a unique...interesting bunch." Milla said softly.

Sasha adjusted his shades, "Interesting' doesn't even begin to describe them, but look at me; I have green skin and the extra help would be of use."

The two looked back at the group, "Why not? We need the help"
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