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"Aww..." Pyro sighed, taking a rope out of her backpack and tying it around Sasha's shoe, before attaching a padlock to it.
"Stay," She firmly said, before turning to Milla.
"What Miss Mayhem said is true. I really wanted to come here, as you will see, I'm kinda like, a psychic, and I can't do much other than set stuff on fire..." Milla stiffened at the mention of it.
"And, shoot stuff, and fly," Pyro sighed, before turning back to Sasha.
"Good boy," She mumbled, hugging him. Sasha groaned, before turning to Milla.
"Help me... Milla..." He hissed. Pyro smiloed at Milla.
"Wait here, I gotta go change into my 'ACTION GO' outfit," She laughed, running into the toilet, changing quickly, and coming out dressed in an outfit not unlike a Japanese schoolgirl's. Her hair was dyed purple and black, and she held her guitar.
"So, what should we do to help?" Pyro asked Milla.
"Tell us and we'll do it. But in return, give me Sasha,"

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With that, pyrohappygirl becomes about 100 times better than Darth_Ave, who is about 100 times better than Shakespeare. So you're like 100,000 times better than Shakespeare, but only a mere 100 times better than me.

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