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Thank you, I'll be sure to check out their accounts, in fact I have Miss Trippy's open right now.

I've been talking to the late...hmm, what was her name.

The late whoever-was-writing-that-fanfiction-with-me and she has renewed interest in it.

I told her nuts, no way in hell is she writing another one with me but she may feel free to write her own story. We felt it was both better that way.

Through that conversation it reminded me of how much I love Oleander and Loboto and it hurts at how there is a sore lack of stories about the two. Once I got over the fact that there was not going to be some secret twist where Loboto was controlling Oleander (I just couldn't grasp the concept that he was in fact the villian) I found their relationship really interesting.

I mean they're working together to take over the world which totally makes them cool. However Loboto for some reason has found Oleander untrustworthy and seemingly weird and Loboto is a freaking madman. Oleander desperate to prove that he is a manly man has teamed up with an insane dentist and actually thinks that the plans this insane dentist comes up with might work.

How cool is that?

Oh and I'd add Tyraa Rane to the list, she's one of the best Psychonauts fanfiction writers I've come across.

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