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This is a contradiction. The government is god in Communism, therefore the people DO believe in a god.
That's a nonsense. The government takes the PLACE of a mythical deity in communism, that doesn't mean that the government is a mythical deity. The old phrase "the party is god" is a metaphorical phrase, not a literal one.

I know that, and it's sad. It's typically what happens when one group of religious nuts (Communists) come to power and overthrow the other group of religious nuts (Czar).
And therefore this too is a nonsense. The communists were not "religious nuts", they were political hyper-zealots.

It's more and more a trend these days for people to split off into two camps, the: "our religion <insert religion here> is true and you must all live under our religious law" camp, and the "all religion is evil man, and all evils have their genesis in religion!!111" camp.

This is fundamentalism on the part of both camps. I hope none of you wish to fall into either camp. Because there is truth to be found in some religious books, and good moral principles. As long as you don't take these works literally or indeed too seriously, they can have a positive effect on you as a person. Moderation on both sides is needed, not one huge urinating contest.

Religion is NOT inherently evil, and yet it is NOT INHERENTLY GOOD. Religion can teach solid moral principles, and yet NO religion should rule your life.

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