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Originally Posted by pyrohappygirl
Avoid most of the slash fan fiction. Some of it is just... Wrong, like, eating a baby. Still. Some notable authors there however are...

Miss Trippy (Or as you know her, Miss Mayhem)
Psychonaut Madz (Look at me, I'm blowing me own trumpet!)
Kar Aniyuki (You'll know him as King Cheez)
Spontaneous Combustion
Atrophy-Conception (I think that's Zetz dark... I'm pretty sure it is)

That's... All the not too bad or really good people. Some people I can remembere the pen name of. Anyway, take a look Klia. You may find interesting stuff...

Also, now I can't remember what the excellent brain wave I had was. But it rocked. Socks. I think I wrote the fan fiction of it though... In which case, ff net is your only answer. So, take a look around there, and be happy! Or not... Your choice.
You forgot mine. But that's okay because I never actually used it until now.

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