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I really prefer the original Battlefront I. I can't explain how, but it captured a feel that you really where a soldier on a battlefield, that Battlefront II isn't able to capture. The fact that you can't prone anymore also plays a big part into that, and SWBFI has some wierd blurry look, but SWBFII has really crisp textures compared to SWBFI, but doesn't have better graphics, so I consider the SWBFI way better than SWBFII, because of the prone function, the "soldier feel", the Bespin maps and the original Endor, Hoth and Geonosis map and the lack of Jedi.
Originally Posted by slornie
there should have been more maps, more campaign, more units, etc...
Yea, but after looking trought the Shell assets, I found remains of a SECOND campaign, and I also found that Bespin has been dropped maybe a month before release, because everything was set up, including the LUA's, unlike Rhen Var, that was dropped early looking at the description of it and because the LUA's are still "classic" SWBFI style.

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