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Even though Mashi had said only one line of total relevance, she was still staring into the clouds, trying to find the one shaped like a two-headed baby. Lili, however, had finished glaring at Pyro (because it wasn't worth it) and wandered over to Mashi.

Mashi looked down, and suddenly her eyes gushed with happiness. "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE MORE ADORABLE IN REAL LIFE." She scooped Lili up in her furry white arms and hugged her. "Lena, can I keep her?"
"Lemme think..." Lena said sarcastically, rubbing her chin. "No."
Lili's eyes begged the lemur to force the catgirl off of her. She would've actually said that (and she did) but I already wasted it on the action.
"Sure. Mashi, put the little human down."
"D'awwww." She set Lili down on a nearby rock where she sat and blinked for a while.
Then she spoke. "Thanks, lemur-lady. And...I better go find Raz." She glared at Pyro whilst exiting. "I got my eye on you."
Mashi followed her, also walking backwards-ish. "Water triiibe!" she whispered, flashing a few gang signs. Lena pulled her back and threw her in a tree.
Lena laughed. "That's the first time she probably meowed."

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