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Yet Another Update: TSLPatcher v1.2.8b0

TSLPatcher v1.2.8 has now been uploaded (link in the first page of this thread as usual). This version changes a few things about how the handling of ERF files work to make it more useful. The usual warnings apply, I've tested it for a few horus and it seems to work, but I cannot guarantee that it works without problems in all situations and circumstances. If you notice anything behaving incorrectly please let me know so I can attempt to fix it.

These are the noteworthy changes:
  1. TSLPatcher can now handle RIM format files as well. They work in exactly the same was as using ERF files as installation destination does.

  2. TSLPatcher is now able to directly modify any ERF (ERF, MOD etc) and RIM format file located within the game folder or any of its subfolders. GFF files can either be modified in place if they exist within such an archive file, or inserted if they don't already exist or if the Replace setting is checked.

  3. The order of processing for the InstallList has been moved to earlier during the installation process. The phases of installation now occur as: TLK appending, Install List, 2DA editing, GFF editing, Compile List, SSF editing. This allows placing new ERF/MOD/RIM files into their proper folder before any GFF needs to be modified in or saved into them, or NCS files need to be saved into them.

Modify/save GFF files inside ERF/RIM archives you specify the relative path (from the game folder) of where the file is, followed by the name of the file, as install destination. If, for example, you want to modify a GFF file inside the myarea.rim file located in the Modules folder, you set the Destination field to Modules\myarea.rim. (To install files into the override folder as usual just leave the Destination field blank, like before.)

Note that you still need a copy of the GFF file you want to modify in the tslpatchdata even if you are 100% sure it already exists within the destination ERF/RIM (like in one of your own custom modules), since it needs that redundancy in case the file is missing (since it can't know how sure you are ).

Recompiled NCS files can be inserted into existing ERF/RIM files in a similar manner, but will never modify existing NCS files with the same name at the destination. Existing files within the ERF/RIM will either be overwritten or skipped, depending on if you've check the Replace checkbox.

ERF/RIM files having their content modified in such a way will have unaltered backup copied of them saved in the backup folder, if Backup is enabled in the settings.


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