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I can't remember where the intro music is from. It's been too long. A production CD from the radio station, I think.

Yes, I reuse my jokes sometimes. I do that if I think the line's funny enough and will fit. And also, because Number Two is in everything, he occassionally carries his lines between projects.

As for stealing from Red Dwarf? Well... it's 'paying homage' when television or movies do things like that, but what, I'm not allowed to do it? Most of the time I don't even realising I'm doing it, anyway. In the past I've been pointed out to lift lines from things like Family Guy, Red Dwarf, South Park, even The Muppets. My answer to that? Meh, probably, yeah. Deal with it.

Number Two was never meant to be in Tierra de los Muertos, no. Not originally. And it would have been an entirely different story without a terribly lost mortal in it.

The wise guy in the library? The Great Sage? He was voiced by a much respected professor at my college, a man by the name of Godfrey Tanner. Unfortunately he won't be appearing in any future Nightlight Productions, as he passed away a couple of years ago.
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