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Originally Posted by SkinWalker
I agree with your assessment, as I mentioned in my post above where I note Hitler's "abandonment of piety." But it is still very evident that Christianity had a profound influence upon Adolf Hitler and his "final solution."
I really don't see the correlation. Hitler was a left wing fascist that shut down many religions and rallied the Christian base into a 'safe' Church not unlike Chinese Catholics. From my knowledge it's quite clear that he despised religion in general and notably with Jews who he blamed for losing WWI.

He did of course hate the Jews based upon their race, his entire philosophy was built around the perfection of aryan people not the perfection of any religion.

What was that profound Christian influence?

I'm sure his Catholic upbringing may have had some influence but profoundly? Perhaps he was rebeling against what good there was in his life. Wounded and poor on the streets of Austria after losing WWI Hitler lost mind.

Adolf Hitler was brought up in his family's religion by his Roman Catholic parents. According to historian Bradley F. Smith, Hitler's father, though nominally a Catholic, was a freethinker, while his mother was a practising Catholic. According to historian Michael Rissmann young Adolf was influenced in school by Pan-Germanism and Darwinism and began to reject the Church and Catholicism, protesting against being confirmed by the bishop. A boyhood friend reports that after Hitler had left home, he never attended Mass or received the Sacraments.
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