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Well like all Sith and what many of you have said, lesser Sith always want to overthrow the greater Sith. It's just their way. They were characterized by their single-minded lust for power and the brutal methods they were willing to use in order to acquire it. The sect existed in many diverse forms throughout galactic history. Originally, the Sith were a humanoid species that interbred with a group of exiled Dark Jedi, but after the rise and fall of that people, the meaning of the term 'Sith' evolved. In time, the Sith would not be identified by their race, but by their dedication to the ancient Sith philosophy. This tells that they always want more than they have (you may already know this). What Dooku wanted to do after he overthrew the Emperor (which he never did) is create a "grand army of the sith". All the jedi would be forced to turn to the dark side. This never happened.
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