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WOW, I've downloaded mod after mod after mod, and most of them are excellent. I have to say the best are the Holowan Plugins which rate 9.8 out of 10, the only real issue I've discovered is that Deadeye Duncan stays in Manaan and keeps asking me over and over for my name, I can't give him my name enough times, otherwise it would be 10 of 10. I really appreciate the work that went into these. The other mods include the two new planets, countless saber mods, the Serpent head as well as other heads, the optional robes and outfits, too many to list, all are excellent, Great Work by all. The only complaints I have are some of the saber mods use the same names for sabers or crystals as others, and when I combine all the saber mods together, I have to give up some I like and have used previously. You folks know who you are, but even at that (it's such a small detail) everyone has contributed excellent work, and I love the sabers that overlap thats why it's a hard choice to make. Overall A+'s for everyone. I'm not up to speed on the making of mods, and it's people like me that truly benefit from you modmakers' hard work. Thank you all, I salute you.
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