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Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
I'm not doubting that he said any of that but could you list your source?

Furthermore it's important to know when, where and in what context he expressed these opinions.

Some of those quotes were from speeches, while others were from Mein Kampf.

Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
Are people suggesting that it had a profound influence on the final solution? I would have to disagree as Jews were being put to death for being 'unpure' just like other undesirables including Gypsis and Slavs. It's my impression that Hitler wasn't murdering these people because of some religious contradiction, his motivations were purely racial and political.
In that last quote I posted, he talks about how ridding the world of "the Jew" is doing the lord's work.

Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
Again had Hitler been a real Catholic, Nazi germany would resemble more of a theocracy. Instead it was a secular 'National Socialism', a regime that fell down the slippery slope of euthanasia to genocide...hardly Christian aspirations.
Genocide not a Christian aspiration... o rly... then why'd your god flood the earth with the intention of killing every man, woman, and child?

If that's not genocide, I dunno what is!

Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
There is no doubt in my mind that Hitler and the Nazi movement was very much secular. So when someone says that Christianity had a profound impact on him and his ideology, it's puzzling.
I suppose. He's somewhat similar to Saddam Hussein in that sense.
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