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Originally Posted by TK-8252

Some of those quotes were from speeches, while others were from Mein Kampf.

In that last quote I posted, he talks about how ridding the world of "the Jew" is doing the lord's work.
Some type of citation would be helpful, also lets not put too much credence in the words of a mad man. He's clearly contradictory and as we can all agree actions speak louder than words.

His actions were of a left wing, fascist nature and there's really nothing that can dispute that.

Originally Posted by TK-8252
Genocide not a Christian aspiration... o rly... then why'd your god flood the earth with the intention of killing every man, woman, and child?

If that's not genocide, I dunno what is!
You're not privy to my religious beliefs, I am no longer a Catholic as I left the church shortly after highschool. It didn't have anything to do with Hitler being born a Catholic, believe it or not.

So you do acknowledge that God decimated the earth and started over again? Now wouldn't you consider that to be believing in a fairy tale?

Just asking.

Besides God's work cannot be discribed as genocide since he spared the folks that were free from sin, it wasn't on the basis of their ethnicity as he killed everyone. Also, it's generally accepted that Genocide is carried out by human beings, not the supernatural.

* systematic killing of a racial or cultural group

I'm sure you can find something to argue with there but my point still stands.

Originally Posted by TK-8252
I suppose. He's somewhat similar to Saddam Hussein in that sense.
Saddam pretended he was religious also, far more so than the left wing Hitler. Hitler needed the Christians and so he set up a nice little church for them.
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