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Mayhem lost all interest in the current situation, deciding that the tweeting birds had to die by her bow and arrow. Also the squirrels cuz they were being jerks. Milla shrugged and walked away, followed by a sighing Lili that followed. They reached the main-lodge together, Milla walking upstairs in search of somthing and Lili heading to the tv lounge.

"LILI!" Raz cried, grabbing her wrist and commencing to shake her by the shoulders, "Something wonderful, fantabulous and AWESOME to da Xtreme has happened! Bobby has gone missing! Me and the remaining kids are gonna throw a party."

Lili was about to say something in responce but Milla rished down with a pen and a few papers in hand, "Bobby? I don't mind much really, but this is nothelping in our defence against this Tammy Shafer person. Raz, Lili, if you don't mind, please take these items to these people waiting in the parking lot."

"Huh?" Raz asked, "Why? What do they lookk like and who is Taammy Shafer?"

Lili tugged on his hand and led him to the gang in question, "You can't miss them, there's a guy in a fedora, another with wings, a strong-dude, another with a sword, a demon-lemur, two elfgirls, a furry and another who's watching a movie plus this rock with a crayola smiley face. They're weird even by our standards. As for Tammy Shafer..." Lili filled her confuzzled BF in.

(We need someone to be Raz!)

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