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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Fascism is a right-wing thing... had Hitler been left-wing, he wouldn't have thrown Communists into the concentration camps.
No actually Fascism is not exclusive to right wing movements. In fact to be Fascist you must appose both Marxism and Liberal Democracy.

In fact the proper name for Nazi Germany was 'National Socialism' believe it or not. The economic system was socialist in that there was limited free enterprise and the government owned all major corporations.

Though Hitler detested Communism, alot of his resentment for Soviets was based on race. You don't have to love Communism to be socialist.

I must note that true German socialists were persecuted under National Socialism as they appeared to sympathize with communism.

Still, Nazi Germany by contemporary standards is far more Socialist than Capitalist. Especially in regards to the secularization of German society and their economic system.

Originally Posted by TK-8252
No I don't believe that, of course.
Okay well then why state it as fact?

Originally Posted by TK-8252
So he killed EVERYONE. That makes it a lot better.
If we are to assume that he did then we must assume that he exists. If he exists then he did create man and thus is within his rights to take that life away.

I wish SkinWalker would explain that profound influence Christianity had on Hitler.

I'm really curious as to what that influence was since SkinWalker seems so sure of it, heck I might learn something.

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