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Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
In fact the proper name for Nazi Germany was 'National Socialism' believe it or not. The economic system was socialist in that there was limited free enterprise and the government owned all major corporations.

Though Hitler detested Communism, alot of his resentment for Soviets was based on race. You don't have to love Communism to be socialist.
Here's from wikipedia:

"Nazi was also meant to mirror the term Sozi (a common and slightly derogatory term for the Nazis' main opponents, the socialists in Germany)."

Hitler was neither a capitalist nor a socialist; he was a corporatist. Where business and government is married, much like how it is now in the U.S. under the leadership of the neocons.

Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
Okay well then why state it as fact?
I don't... Christians do.

Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
If he exists then he did create man and thus is within his rights to take that life away.
I see. So I suppose that parents have the right to take away the lives of their children because, after all, they created their children.
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