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Besides God's work cannot be discribed as genocide since he spared the folks that were free from sin
All who committ genocide spare those they deem "free from Sin". It's not like Hitler killed homosexual Germans and spared heterosexual Germans.

No, actually Fascism is not exclusive to right wing movements. Though I'm sure CNN would have you believe that.
Yeah, the evil left-wing news are trying to turn us into socialist dicator-aspirants, one documentary at a time.

As for facsism being purely right-wing, it does not have to be for Nazi-Germany to have been right-wing.

The economic system was socialist in that there was limited free enterprise and the government owned all major corporations.
Are you sure? Please show me the source of that.

If we are to assume that he did then we must assume that he exists. If he exists then he did create man and thus is within his rights to take that life away.
Just that you created a life doesn't give you the right to kill it. Do my parents have the right to murder me (as TK said in the post he posted before I was done typing mine)?

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