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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Hitler was neither a capitalist nor a socialist; he was a corporatist. Where business and government is married, much like how it is now in the U.S. under the leadership of the neocons.
Nazi germany's economic policy is closer to socialism than capitalism, way closer. Don't you see that?

In case you haven't noticed, The United States is still a liberal democracy with an economic policy that is capitalist.

Besides, the whole Hitler/Bush comparison is a bit of a cliche now don't you think?

Originally Posted by TK-8252
I don't... Christians do.
Well next time don't state that a Christian God exists, just clarifying.

Originally Posted by TK-8252
I see. So I suppose that parents have the right to take away the lives of their children because, after all, they created their children.
Is everything relative TK?

Besides you can already do that, it's called abortion.

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
All who committ genocide spare those they deem "free from Sin". It's not like Hitler killed homosexual Germans and spared heterosexual Germans.
We're talking about a percieved God here Eagle, I know what constitutes genocide.

Though the Turks probably cited 'sin' when they slaughtered the Armenians. Then again it was probably the Armenians refusal to convert to Islam.

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
As for facsism being purely right-wing, it does not have to be for Nazi-Germany to have been right-wing.
Can you clarify this statement?

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Are you sure? Please show me the source of that.
It appears that wikipedia is generally regarded as credible here so I will quote the article on Nazi Germany.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
When the Nazis came to power the most pressing issue was an unemployment rate of close to 30%. The economic management of the state was first given to respected banker Hjalmar Schacht. Under his guidance, a new economic policy to elevate the nation was drafted. One of the first actions was to destroy the trade unions and impose strict wage controls.

Read that first paragraph or the entire piece. Does Germany's economic policy look more like socialism or capitalism?

Wage controls?

I think we've gone off topic here a bit, I love it how I'm swarmed every time I contribute and I think that may lead to tangents.

Do I think religion is evil? To such a broad question with such large implications I cannot give a general answer.

There is good and bad in everything. There are religions and cults that influence folks to do bad things but does that mean that every religion is fundamentally flawed? Some are and many change or die out. There are many examples of peaceful religions in the past and present.

Even religions that need reformation (Islam) are full of well intentioned and good people I believe.

Modern day Christianity in my opinion is a perfect example of a religion that was once twisted by tyrants like Islam is now. People in the secular left wing would disagree for social reasons but you don't see young Christian men killing civilians in the name of Christ. That is something you just don't see very often this day an age.

I'm confident that Islam will make the same leap soon. I would recommend reading Reza Aslan's, "No God but God." He nails it right on the head.

So it isn't a black and white thing. That's why I voted strongly opposed.

I'm confident that the Dalai Lama would agree.

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