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Temple Troubles

((This RP has been inspired by the sleepiness, randomness, and general insanity of three of the galaxy's... er... whatever... anyway, we're all awake, we're all online, we're all on MSN IM (and FFWM and Doc are sticking their tongues out at one another)... so without further ado, I give you... TEMPLE TROUBLES ))

Once upon a time... *No, no... too overused... erm...*

Darkness thickly blanketed the overpopulated... *Ugh... too dramatic... uh...*

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... *well... I guess it works... huh? Oh, the credits are already past... okey-doke...*

It was an average day at the Jedi Temple... er, well, as average as a day at the Jedi Temple can be, that is. See, most people don't realize that a day at the Jedi Temple isn't ever average... no such thing. Why, you might ask? Well, Jedi aren't average! They can't hope to have an average day! What with Force powers and other talents, they just have no hopes for such a thing.

Anyway, A Knight by the name of Eltrab was walking along, in general minding his own business when his feet suddenly and unexplainably slipped out from under him.

"Curses!" he screamed, plucking a banana peel from his boot. "The Force is not with me!"

"Oh!" another voice exclaimed. "You found my banana peel!"

Eltrab turned and found himself face to face with a pretty Jedi girl.

"Nope," he answered. "Your banana peel found me. At any rate, I seem to have lost the Force. Oh, well. What's your name?"

"Karina," the girl answered. "And what do you mean you've lost the Force?"

"Your banana peel slippery'd the floor," Eltrab explained. "Had I retained the Force, methinks I could have avoided it."

"I seem to remember throwing that peel out the window..." Karina muttered. Eltrab frowned at her.

"Which window?" he inquired. Karina pointed directly upward and Eltrab stared. "Well, there ain't a window up there... and there ain't a roof either..."

"Cripes!" Karina shouted. "I slippery'd the floor with my banana!"

"And I lost the Force for it!" Eltrab screamed. "You're helping me find it."

"Fine," Karina said. She used the Force to slam Eltrab into a wall. "See? There it is!"

"Hopeless," Eltrab muttered. Puzzled, he wandered off in seach of someone else. Karina walked the other direction, holding her slippery banana peel.

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