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“Who I am,” said the voice “Is not important, I know why you have come here, I know what you have become, but what I don’t know is … what you plan to do”

Jonas turned and looked into the darkness in front of him and said:

“If you do not know, im not going to tell you” Spat Jonas

“Ahh, you have such anger,” said the voice calmly “I’m glad, you also came … to see this” The grey fog which had surrounded

Revan now surrounded Jonas and cleared away just as fast, revealing the Dark aura of the tainted planet.

“There is a certain person on this planet, what I want … disposed of” said the voice “you will do it for me, once you get on the planet, you shall know who I mean”

“Do your own work, im not your slave” Snapped Jonas

“I know how powerful you are Jedi Exile, and yes” he added, as Jonas had a bewildered look upon his face “I also know who you are, and of all the power you possess you know nothing of the great potential within you, with my help … you shall, but I will only help you, if you help me in return, now” The Ebon Hawk shuddered “Go!” and the ship was lunged with great power towards the planet.

Alarms were sounded but Jonas ignored them, waiting.
He got into the pilots seat, and directed the ship down when it entered the planets atmosphere. He flew over a clump of trees and when he saw one, he landed in a clear patch.

The landing ramp lowered and Jonas walked down it and into the bright fresh sunlight, and looked around. He went over the words, which the voice had said to him in his head over and over, and then he understood.


He wanted Revan dead, and he wanted Jonas to do it. But through all the hatred he had succumbed to over all these years he wondered, could he really kill his old master. His old … friend?

“I don’t know,” said Jonas. He reached with the Force and then he felt it. The presence, which he had not felt for a very long time, he whispered himself.

“Here I come Revan” and started to walk.

* * *

Just as Revan said “Thank you” to Nom, for giving him his help, Revan stopped. He just felt something, a disturbance in the Force, and a presence. A presence he had not felt for years, could it be, after all these years?

“Jonas” he said to himself

“Pardon?” said Nom

“I’ve just felt something in the Force, a presence of someone who I have not seen for quite some years … “He paused ”We need to go, will you come with me?”

Nom looked from Revan to the direction in which the facility was.
“If I do come and help, will you promise me that you will take me away from this horrid place?”

Revan looked taken aback then he smiled. “If that’s truly what you want, then it shall be done”

Nom smiled widely and clapped his hands together “Let’s go then”. So they headed off in Jonas’s direction, Revan not knowing what to expect when they arrived.

“Excuse me, Master Jedi,” piped up Nom

“Haha, yes Nom? Said Revan, not used to being addressed like that again.

“What’s your name? Nom asked

“Oh” said Revan stopping “How rude of me! My name is … “ he stopped. Should he tell Nom his real name? He couldn’t see why not, he would know soon enough anyway when they met up with Jonas.

“Did you forget it?” asked Nom smiling

“No” said Revan laughing, “No, I didn’t forget it. My name is Revan”

Nom’s jaw dropped “You mean?”

“Nodding and smiling the Jedi in front of him said,

“Yes, that is who I mean, I am Revan.. Fallen and redeemed Dark Lord of the Sith, yada yada yada.. .”He finished waving his hand as he spoke, laughing

“I’ve read all about you, and I didn’t even know who you were!” said Nom

“Don’t worry kid, I always get that” Revan said laughing once more, as he started walking once more.

Nom went back to thinking in his head. Holy crap, im actually walking next to Revan! The prodigal Knight and saviour of the Galaxy!

On they walked, Revan in search of a long lost friend, and Jonas searching a supposed target. Both of them did not know what would happen when they met each other once more, but only time would eventually tell.

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