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Originally Posted by Pahricida
looking good although the highlights make it look like plastic a little bit.

Has anyone got information on pcgamemods. demise?
Dude, I don't think they will be up anytime soon. We should all get together and make our own JKA community site :P Seriously though. Spread the word. It'd be great not to have to wait a month after your projects done to get it publicly released.

And cuillere: It's looking really, really good. As far as any advice: One thing I noticed that works great on metal (particularly damaged or worn metal) is to make the texture slightly darker than you normally would and add the brighter details to the specmap itself. You won't be able to see it of course until it is in game, so that makes it more complicated, but it's worthwhile. Thats what I did with my new Boba Fett skin and the 501st Clones, and what I plan to do with Pahri's Rifle.

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