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Originally Posted by Joshi
Where exactly are you getting this figure from? Games these days have production costs that run in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions (they're closing in on the amount of budget your average film gets).

But something like photoshop, which does require some quite inventive and extreely complex coding, along with bugger loads of design costs, testing, and so on, is going to cost around the same if not more.

Also please note, they are marketing photoshop at the professional graphics artist/designer, not hobbyists like myself or das mole. They're perfectly within their rights to put the price up like that because they know they're going to make money out of it (as professional artists/graphic designers/etc aren't going to illegally download it as they're more likely to be investigated for such a thing).
An individual copy of Photoshop would cost less than 100, although the "master" copy (you know what I mean) would cost more, they are still selling for ridiculous prices.
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