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What does this mean?

Okay, I have a jedi for my custom map. I munged the files, and this came up in the error log:

ERROR[configmunge odf\jdi_aminius.combo]:This file has an extra closing bracket somewhere!
ERROR[configmunge odf\jdi_aminius.combo]:[INTERNAL: Chunk nesting underflow]ERROR[configmunge odf\jdi_aminius.combo]:[INTERNAL: Chunk nesting underflow] [continuing]
3 Errors 0 Warnings

I fixed the first part (I think) but I don't know what the second part means.
And now, when I test my jedi out, everything works fine except HE HAS NO LIGHTSABER!!!
That's right. It makes the lightsaber noiess, I can do saber throw and force push. But when I try to swing it normally, it makes the noises but nothing else happens.
anyone know whats wrong?
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