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Hey, I'm downloading the XSI Mod tools right now and I'm wondering, will I be able to rig my models and modify them using it? I know all have to deal with the whole .glm to .xsi and vice versa thing but will I be able to rig models in there or import them without bone weights getting destroyed?

EDIT:I have good news, and bad news, I read on that you can rig models in it, but the bad news is I checked the system requirements and it requires Win XP Pro or 2000 while I have Win XP Media Center Edition.

On top of that, whenever I try to run the Mod Tool the advertisement copyright window shows up (you know how some window usually shows up then disapears before you start using the application) and it stays there and seems to sort of freeze without actually starting the application.

I do have a downstairs comp with Win 2000 but I would have to download all the Mod tools again and transfer data between the comps via data disks.

Now I just learned that in order to export models from the tool you have to get an activation key which requires giving your address and other stuff like that.

No matter where I go it's a dead-end.

EDIT No.2:Gmax might be able to rig models because it seems to have a lot of the tools 3D Max does. In your tutorial for rigging I looked at the screenshots and I looked in Gmax and I found some of the same tools and and screens.

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