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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
More than 13:
TPM - 2 discs
AOTC - 2 discs
ROTS - 2 discs
OT sex set - 4
That's 10.

2006 fall release - 6
Yes, but 3 of those discs are just duplicates of the 2004 release (minus the bonus disc).

So that's only 3 new discs.

10 + 3 = 13.

If you skipped the 2004 four disc set and buy the Limited Edition 2006 set, you're only missing out on the Bonus Disc (which you can order seperately from Amazon or ebay).

If you skipped the 2005 re-release of the OT Boxed set, you're missing out on NOTHING. In fact you're getting MORE, since you're getting 3 discs in the Limited Edition set you can't get any other way (officially).

(not including the 3-pack of the OT or the 2-pack of TPM and AOTC)
So 16 discs.
I only included discs that are actually new content, not duplicates of the same stuff. If you bought every possible release you'd end up with duplicates and it'd be silly.

After all, there are actually two releases of each Prequel DVD set, a "Full Frame" (pan 'n' scan) and "Widscreen" (anamorphic/letterbox) version. Ditto with the OT Boxed sets.

I can understand not counting DVDs such as "The Stars of Star Wars", "Starwoids", "Star Wait", or "Hardware Wars" because they're not considered 'official' Star Wars.(THey're nice to have though) But I can understand there being some debate with Ewoks, Droids, and he 2 Clone Wars DVDs. They're not the movies but they do have a tie in to Lucasfilm and are official Star Wars releases whereas 'Starwoids', etc., aren't. You can count it how you like but as far as the official, mainstream movies go there's going to be ~16 official discs by the end of the year.
Right, I should say "canon movies." There's only 6 canon movies (plus 3 "original versions" of half of them). I just had to say that about "Star Wars DVDs" because technically everything sold with the star wars logo on it is "Star Wars."

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