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Originally Posted by Fealiks
An individual copy of Photoshop would cost less than 100, although the "master" copy (you know what I mean) would cost more, they are still selling for ridiculous prices.
I don't quite think you yourself know what you're talking about.

If you're saying that it costs them less to burn a copy of the software onto CD, package it and sell it, then yes, it does cost less than 100, although the price will still range in the 30-50 mark, but they do still have to make money on their software, otherwise what's the point, and believe it or not, Programmers tend to ask for a hell of a lot of money (it's one of the best paying jobs in the world).

Add marketting to that and we're talking about a lot of money. If you're wondering why games don't charge as much, that's because the game industry are planning on selling a hell of a lot more, they know that more people will actually want to buy their game and so they charge less and still make their money back.

But as for Photoshop, they know they're only going to be selling to the graphics designer crowd, which is and infinately smaller crowd then the gamers market. Therefore their prices go up and they are able to make money. It's not ridiclulous at all, it's business.

Originally Posted by DrMcCoy
It can. Just open an animated GIF and see how it's done (hint: layers).
So just like ImageReady then (which also does it as layers). That's cool. I'd try it, but I don't have the Gimp to hand, I've just heard it's really good.

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