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After discovering that most people use "luna" and "windows classic" themes PCGamer mag did a feature on "pimping" your desktop. Several of the programs needed to do the "pimping" that the mentioned were shareware rather than beeing free. I couldn't stand for that so I set out to "pimp my desk to the max" without paying any money (or using Warez), this is what I managed.

Click thumbnail for full view, sadly the .png was too big for photobucket so I had to use Cr[uddy -ed] .jpg.

For the Shell go Here
For the Shells Theme go here
For the matching Windows Theme go here
To get the patch so the third party windows theme works go here
Cant find a wallpaper you like? Draw one of your own. I drew this one with "The GIMP" and one morning, go here for a proper look.

Still to Do: Icons and Cursors.

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