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((Is your gun the regular Assault Rifle from Halo, or the Battle Rifle, or what? I'm not one to memorize the Letters, and Characters of the weapon names in Halo!)) Qu'zin followed Shadow in, in old commando stile, he got behind Shadow a bit, and unfolded the gun stalk. He waited till the fire died down just a little, and set the big repeater rifle on the table edge. Soon he had joined in, shooting high amounts of superheated plasma energy at anything shooting back!

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)
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