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Just a casual idea...

Hey MJ... let me throw this at ya.

I was driving to work today, listening to Lost Cause (yes, I burned BOTH of them to CD, and listen to them... consider yourself and the cast complimented.) And, from nowhere, a possibility occured to me. I dunno if I actually wanna do it, but I thought I'd toss it at you anyways.

Aside from listening to your radio shows, I do a bit of game mapping and SP mods for Jedi Academy... and since you are already planning a 3D animation style version of Tierra, I thought to myself, "Hey... the same thing could be done for the Lost Cause, and we won't even have to render the characters seperatly!"

Basically, all that would have ot be done is map up the scenes themselves, script the movements and the lines, and viola! The most difficult part would be getting all the lines for the characters.

Tell me that Vapour's voice from Vader's mask wouldn't be a laugh. Let alone Han Slo-mo's.

It's do-able... really, all it would need is two things.

A) Me deciding I want to put in the time to map the scenes and do the scripting.
B) You deciding it's worth trying.

Again, it's just an idea, but I think it could get a good following on the JA mapping sites, which might draw more attention to your great work here. Or wherever Nightlight ends up later.

So - yell at me, scream at me, whatever. Just try not to throw things at me. After all - that's a long throw from Australia to Washington State, USA. Wouldn't want you to throw your arm out and prevent you being able to type/write scripts now, would we?

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