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"What's going on?" Mayhem thought aloud once more. She, the rest of the RD gang, Lili, Raz and now Milla rushed to the source of the noise. What they saw froze them in their tracks. A hooded, feminine figure with long dark hair had Pyro! Feeling rushing back to their legs, they chased after the Anti-Tim, only to learn she was quite the fast runner. They sped after their quarry until they reached a lake, Tammy grimacing at her misfortune. A dead end and being surrounded at once!

Pyro whewed in releif and looked haughty with relief for a few moments, smiling at seeing her kidnapper ready to get what she had coming, seeing as the gang was ready to face off with whatever weapons they could get their hands on. Tammy turned, and they truly saw her for the first time. She was tall with pale skin and raven-black hair that went past her shoulders and concealed an eye. Her facial features were sharp and ruthless. Her thin, purple lips curled upwards in a smile as she raised a hand...and snapped her fingers.

At the sound, Bobby, Elka, Phoebe, Kitty, Maloof, Chloe and Chops jumped down from amongst the treetops and crowded Tammy.

Elton peered from behind a tree, "''s..."

"The Missing kids!" Milla and Sasha yelled, sending psi-blasts to Tammy's way. But it didn't hit her. it hit...Kitty!? She had valiently stepped in the line of fire, now doubled over in pain. She raised her head and mumbled,

"No one harms our mistress."

This took everyone by shock, and Raz said, "Look at their eyes, they're all glowy and stuff, Tammy must be using mind control!"

"How observant," Miz Shafer said in a sultry voice with another cheeky grin, "Hairboy and Hairboy number 2...take them!"

Bobby and Chops advanced upon the group, going invisible and attacking with a barrage of psi blasts. Getting their grips together, no one was able to get a final glimpse of the Anti-Tim and her fellow goons who had simply vanished along with Pyro.
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