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Hi, I would like to get mods mentioned below:
All of kristykistic's mods but these in particular:
PVC Revans Robes
Bodysuit Bastila Revisited 1*
Bodysuit Bastila*
PVC Bastila Clothes*
PVC Jedi Robes
A more feminine Revan cutscene model**
[TSL] PVC Dancers Outfit**
[K1] Meet Athena (Selectable Female PC)

brwarner's and ParasiteX's Dancer models**
brwarner's Mira model**
TSL 4 The Ladies by the_maker**
Mara Jade Dancer Outfit by the_maker*
New Bastila head model and skins by Lord_La_forge
Selectable Aayla Secura skin at start-up by numark79
Joris Christmas Bastilla, Mission, Juhani and Female PC underwear mod by Joris1
New playable female PC: "Green Twi'lek" by Joris1

Phew, that's all. The ones I really, really want are marked with *. Thanks in advance!
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