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Chapter 4

For the fourth time in the past minute, the Sith officer glanced over his shoulder. Once again, he could have sworn he was being followed. But just like every other time, the street was empty. Empty of all but the litter of broken lives. Years ago this area had been one of the most highly populated sectors in the refugee sector. Then the gang wars had started. No one lived here anymore. The sector lay as a tribute to violence. A reminder of the lives that were shattered. It was devoid of all life. Or at least it was. Until yesterday.

Sith officer Tren stopped for a moment, fighting down panic. Gazing into the distance, he could see it now. The camp. He started off again, a little faster than a walk, hoping that who ever it was behind him would give up and turn back. The person behind him didn't turn back. Tren heard it again. Footsteps behind. Then it stopped. Tren turned, and listened. Maybe his pursuer had given up. The Sith officer turned back, only to find a lightsaber at his throat.

"Tell me, what is that camp over there?", Kavar asked. After following this man across the lower levels of Coruscant, he was glad to be able to actually catch his prey.

Tren had a decision to make. He could chose loyalty and die, or self preservation and live. He chose to live. "What would you like to know sir? Um, I mean, well, its a Sith camp. Many Sith are gathered there. We're planning for our attack, sir. Um what else would you like to know. I'm sure I could be useful. Please don't kill me, I'll tell you all you won’t to know," Tren said in about five seconds flat, words flowing out of him at the speed of hyperspace.

Kavar smiled. "Slow down a little. I won't kill you. Now tell me again. It's a Sith camp, huh? What do you do here, what are you planning?"

Tren took a deep breath, trying to slow down. It didn't work. "We're planning for the big assault sir. First we plan to-" that was as far as Tren ever got as he was suddenly taken down by a sniper shot. He was dead in less than a second.

Kavar twirled around, only to find himself looking at nearly every occupant of the Sith camp, guns ready, charging at the lone Jedi.
Enough sneaking around. thought Kavar. At least I can be loud as I fight for my life.

Kavar swung his lightsaber, blocking the first two blaster bolts. Then he took a step back, sizing up the opponents. There were a lot of them. Over two hundred by the look of it. Kavar knew he couldn't win. But he could try. Kavar charged, using the force to give him speed.

It was time for Kavar to fight for his life.

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