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Oh Shnaps, battle scene! Mayhem and Lili turned to look at the other and nodded in silent agreement. Bobby lunged at them but Lili set up a shield. With a 'bonk!', Bobby learned of it and slowly got up, only to be rained down upon with a volley of arrows shot by Mayhem. What followed was uber violent and shouldn't be read by young kids: it was like and and even some . Weird. And Violent(tm). Too many smilies!!! Bobby was relentless though. Beggining to feel drained, Mayhem and Lili prepared for a final attack. Lili set up a small illusion, being all she could muster. A soft column of light spiraled around her and Mayhem, brightening till it was too bright to look at. Bobby shielded his eyes, and when he could look once more, Lili was alone. Slightly confused, he froze in 'though't. "HEEEYAHH!" He heard from above. He was dumb enough to look and met with the sole of Mayhem's white boot. He was now down for the count. Mahem and Lili high5ed, only to realize that Chops was beggining to trudge their way. Shooting at him a bit, Mayhem looked at Lili, "We should RUN now, Tammy's gettin' away!". And so it was.
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