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Originally Posted by Miss_Mayhem
"WHAT!?" Mayhem cried from a treetop she had climbed to escape the sluggish, bighaired Chops, "That's all? Wait, someone obviously has to leave to break it in half, but even if we all left with you, Tammy still has Pyro! What will happen to her when you break the disk?"

"And me?" Lili actually whimpered, "Will I die? And what is this I hear about all this only being a game?"

Fourth wall breakery!!!
"I feel a need to explain, don't worry, I played Black and White AND Actraiser," Smon cleared his throat. "You, and everything you know, are but a game in our universe called Psychonauts, logically, if we leave Tammy here and break the disc all reality will corrupt, so you may live, but much more likely you will die. However it would still be a good idea to get Pyro out first." Lili looked sad. "And only one of you can leave with us, since we need a soul-weight to counterbalance Tammy's destruction."

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