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NRI Building, Bathroom

*Deac and the techs plunge out of a shimmering portal, much to the surprise of Beler Jil, who stands at a urinal, relieving himself*

Jil: What the ****?

Deac: *Not noticing Jil is somewhat busy* Hmmm. Odd. Why here?

Jil:*Somewhat angry* Starkiller? What the hell are you doing here in the restroom while I'm trying to take a leak?!

Deac: Got compromised, had to take a portal back here from the research base. You wouldn't believe the trouble we had to take to get this datacore. I guess all the residual energy from when this had a portal device in it drew us here, like an anchor.

Jil: This is the last time I ever have laboratories, even destroyed ones turned into laboratories. Now do you mind?!

*Deac and the techs carry the datacore out, somewhat embarressed.

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