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Post Just completed the game! what I think about it . . .

Hey all, just completed knights of the old republic: The Sith Lords, I have to say it was and still is a awesome game, I had never played any of the knights games before and didnt know what to expect, i loved how the combat system worked, and the rounds played out so quickly it was great for screenshots, but yea, you were all kinda right at the end game, there were loads of rooms that u cud go in but couldent, must of bin cut or something, Darth Sion was a wuss, but kreia, took me ages to beat that b***h, and fighting her sabers was a chore too, i died once when against the sabers, now that iv done it, im gonna go back and do the dark side of the game, plus great mods too, espacally the combat arena (great job stoffe).

Pros: Good gameplay, I liked it how you could learn about the party members history and stuff. Good story.

Cons: The start of the game, on peragus I HATED, it was so boring, and i got a depressing feeling that i have to play it thru AGAIN. Also the End of the game didnt really feel 'finished' and I felt a bit confused and had that annoying hunch feeling what would happen next.

BTW completed the game on 23 hours 48 mins, with a level 27 Jedi master.
Great game!

EDIT: feedback would be nice

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