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Ryan stopped his speeder, and tried to unlock the datapad with passwords, then he tried fingerprint unlock, he put the keys over the screen, and he got it.

"Well, let's see, agenda... Ah, it's at the Ithorian Garage, already paid, I'll go get it."

When he arried at the place he entered the garage. An Ithorian came to see him.

"Good day sir, do you have any especific appointment here?" Asked the Ithorian.

"Actually a do." Anwsered Ryan showing him some contents of the datapad.

"Ah, the swoop bike, it's ready, but before I give it to you, may I see the card-key?"

"Sure, here it is."

"Ok, thank you. Now where do you want us to leave the bike?"

"On the Swoop Racing Dome, ok? Thanks."

Then Ryan drove away on his speeder, thinking "Now, I'll just have to win the champinship."

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