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"No," Slovva the Jedi Hutt replied to the floating upside down girl as he stopped for a breather, because it was a long way to the lunchroom and he was tired. (Without being able to use the Force, since he had lost his, it was hard to keep his momentum going.) "Aslugg is my cousin. I'm Slovva. Although, I can see how you would make the mistake. We do look a lot alike."

Slovva's tummy began to rumble, shaking the space around them like an earthquake. "Hungry," he said, then paused and looked curiously at the girl. "Hmmm..."

Slurrrrrpp! He licked her, then grimaced. "Yick! You taste like Bantha Poodoo!" With some effort, he started forward again. (It was hard for him to move from a dead start because he was fat...erm, I mean, because of his weight problem...erm, no...because.... because he was calorically challenged! Yeah, that's better.) "Sure hope there's Swiss string-cheese pudding left...." he muttered on his way.

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