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Shadow was out hunting again in the night. Same kind of targets, different objective. He had specifically told Qu'zin not to come out and conceal the bodies. Why? So the creature would follow. Shadow knew that he couldn't hunt down what he couldn't see, so, have it hunt him. And he needed bodies to make a trail.

Shadow had studied about predators every chance he could. He had even gone so far as sneak into the hunting preserve in the upper part of Coruscant. It was made so rich people could have, 'fun', shooting a creature that did not know its environment, was outgunned, and had no chance to win. But the creatures adapted and they had to close it down because of the rising casualties, partly because of his help.

A predator doesn't hunt when it's not hungry. An experienced predator waits for the chance to kill instead of rushing in like an inexperienced one. That time can last for hours. Predators mostly hunt at night. A predator prefers to eat the young and the sick because they are easier to kill, not caring about honor, just to feed itself. And another thing was the evidence about a kill. Everybody expected that there would be stuff thrown everywhere, blood and remains splattered on the walls and such. Predators don't normally leave that much evidence behind. Which made this predator different.

This predator just lived to kill. Shadow could see that and that was going to cause some problems. Mainly because it left a lot of evidence and, unless that body needs a lot of food, being able to eat an entire Hutt and its Gemmorian guard earlier that day.

So as he finished the last target, he found a spot nearby, activated his stealth, and waited.
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