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Question Hoth clothes for Single player skins help!!!!

Hi again everybody... I have one question about something, but I have no clue if you guys can help me out or not...
But here it goes:
I have made many skins for single player over a year or something, but when I'm trying to convert say I.E. Jan Ors as a X-Wing pilot... I have encountred a problem on hoth with this skins, I'm not even sure if it's legal to try too use Hoth clothes in a skin I or anyone else has made, but either way, when I go to hoth, it's just as every skin texure is gone, like greyscale, but I know it shouldn't be this way, take I.E. If you'll play with one of the games characters I.E. Either a male or female. Those clothes will show.. Can anyone answer me on this thread please, I'll be much delighted
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