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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
Oh, ok, makes sense I guess.

The bonus stuff on the prequel DVDs really does put the OT DVD bonus material to shame. With a series that's been waiting this long with that many people wanting and waiting for it to come to DVD, and with a series as big as Star Wars, one would think there would be crap loads of absolutely kick @$$ material. (i.e. the f***ing lost scenes with Biggs/Anchorhead, that droid scene, and the rough cut of the cantina scene where Han has a woman by his side) I do have laserdisc versions of the trilogy on DVDs I've burned myself. I should buy some dual layer DVDs and make my own custom DVDs with all the special features I want. That is if these new DVDs that are coming out soon completely suck.
Yeah, that's what makes me annoyed at the ol' SW team. You'd think they'd want to release stuff like that to milk every cent...

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