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A quick update: TSLPatcher v1.2.8b1

In case someone is interested I've uploaded TSLPatcher v1.2.8b1, a quick update since further testing and poking around the code revealed some bugs in the new functionality introduced in 1.2.8b0 that I had overlooked earlier. Aside from bugfixes, this version also changes/adds the following:
  • Changed the InstallList functionality to allow installing files into existing ERF/RIM archives as well, and not just into subfolders within the game folder. This destination is set the same as you set the folder, only specify a filename at the end of the relative path (from the game folder) as well. (E.g. Modules\904mal.rim)

  • Changed the InstallList, GFFList, SSFList and CompileList to allow renaming files from the source to install using the keys !SaveAs (to change the name the file is installed as) and !SourceFile (to specify another name than is listed for the file to copy.) These keys are added to the sections for the file they should affect. This can be used to work with multiple copies of files that are named the same but with different content (like module.ifo) in the same patcher config.

    This is not yet added to ChangeEdit but must be added by hand in the INI file for now. As such it's an "advanced" feature until I figure out how to squeeze it into the increasingly bloated user interface of ChangeEdit.

  • Added a configuration summary button to the main TSLPatcher window, allowing the prospective mod user to view a brief overview of which files the TSLPatcher is set up to modify, and other relevant info, before deciding whether to proceed with installation.

(These changes along with those in the previous version aim to make it possible to modify modules more directly without having to put mod-specific files into the override folder or re-package the whole thing if just some minor things have changed.

It should hopefully also help make mod edits a bit easier to make compatible between multiple mods since it will edit the files already present in the module RIM/MOD files (unless you tell it to overwrite), and help bypass some of the naming conflicts that can be caused by putting module data in the override folder.)

Same warning as always: It seems to work from my own limited testing, but I can't guarantee that it does under all circumstances. If you use this and notice something out of the ordinary please let me know so I can attempt to fix it. Download link is at the first page of this thread.


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