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There is one more thing that occured to me on this idea.

IF it were to be done, would we leave the little inconsistancies in it? For example - Mouldy-Bun is referred to as a Jedi Master in a few episodes, and in another as a "Red-Eye" Master. And then, in LCII, it's back to "Jeedai" Master.

Tattooine is sometimes Tattooine, and a few others just Tatoo.

Things like that... and never mind a few of the accent/personality shifts of the characters. Especially Leer. She went from a malevolent Feminist to a whiney noble who only speaks in a modified third person.

Leaving tham as is is definately OK - don't think I want to change it, but as a writer (of somewhat less talent than MJ, obviously), I know that ideas and names change as you go through the process, and sometimes they don't match up too well. We could fix these little things and still get the same results.

Or, for all I know, they were intentional, and part of the joke. *shrug* Just another thought.

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