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Huh. This is something I'm going to need to think about.

Although what are we talking here, a game? Or a movie made with the JA engine? Because I'm not entirely sure I've got that bit right in my head.

I can imagine Vader stalking around with a Vapour voice.

Let me explain why there are inconsistencies. I hate to say it, but at times it's been unavoidable:
I think 'Red-Eye' was maybe just used in a mocking smart-assed sense. Also like how Number Two refers to Vapour as Vicks Vapour, Paint Scraper, Darth Flubbla, or whatever comes to his mind at the time.
As for Tattoo, Tattooine, or for those who listen carefully, Pantooine, that's often just scipt mistakes. Ah well.
There was no intentional change for Princess Leer. Sarah Farley wasn't available for Lost Cause 2 (too much time had passed, and everyone kinda lost contact with her) so the part of Leer was played by Stanley, who read it in his own, very noble, style.

The difficulty I forsee would be between getting the Dud Star look like a fast food flying restaurant. And trust me, there's settings in Lost Cause 3 that'd just make you want to give up on the entire idea.

A movie, I think, would be... very difficult to do. I know for a fact that Lost Cause wouldn't translate to movie as well as Tierra does.

We'll discuss it over messenger, okay? I've been trying recently to make a Tierra based game using the Adventure Game Studio engine, although it looks like it'd involve a lot more time and art skill then I have. As for this, we'll see.

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