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Originally Posted by MJ
Which Doctor is that meant to be? I don't remember any being dressed like that.
All new Doctor, non-cannonal so I can play around with the mythos. This Doctor's personality is that of an older fella looking for the pefect vaction spot the perfect drink in a coconut shell. Hence the hawiian shirt. It borrows some modern ideas (he's the last of the Time Lords) and throws back to the days of the Hartnell and Troughton Doctors when the Doctor was more of an older man.

I should have a tech demo done here in a couple of days, if I can find hosting I'll post it up. It's not much, but I've got opening cinimatics and rather basic puzzle, which I used to learn the coding of SLUDGE.

My problem is (in my opinion) my art isn't bad or anything... it's just a long process. And that's just the artwork for the game, let alone coding it and writing it!

As for the storyline or the character problems, I imagine it'd be set within the same world as the radio series but have a completely different storyline. A sequel, but in a video game format, if you get my drift.
I get your drift clearly. A great idea. Fantastic even.

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