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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
Empire of Dreams is a documentary on the bonus disc of the OT DVD box set. It's an ok documentary IMO.

I have the behind the magic cd too. It's a neat thing to have if you're a star wars fan but it's sort of useless with the various online star wars databases. Plus a lot of info on the CD is outdated or needs to be updated.
It's true the Star Wars Databank pretty much fulfills one of the purposes of BTM, but of course it wasn't around when the disc came out.

A lot of the "official" backstory and stuff has been revised of course, but BTM provides a nice snapshot of what that was like in 1998, before the release of TPM (though some TPM material was included as a "bonus preview"). Info such as Darth Vader being the sole Dark Lord of the Sith (there was no "rule of two" it was a rule of ONE, with Vader as it).

Likewise the backstory stuff may be outdated, but the behind the scenes movie material is still valid.

Empire of Dreams is good, no doubt, I'm just saying the quantity of behind the scenes material is much much larger than the bonus disc, which barely scratches the surface, and doesn't compare in quantity to the prequel bonus discs.

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